Blizzard details Diablo 3’s upcoming Challenge Rifts feature

Diablo 3’s next major patch will be patch 2.6.0, and one of the new features that will be included in the patch is the Challenge Rifts feature.

As Blizzard explains in this blog post, Challenge Rifts will offer Diablo 3 players a new way to push their skills to the limit by seeing if they can complete a static Greater Rift more quickly than the Rift’s original runner:

"Challenge Rifts are a weekly static version of a previously completed Greater Rift. To create a Challenge Rift, we pull a Greater Rift run directly from a player’s account. Once we have that snapshot, we make that exact character, including their items, paragon levels, skills, and gear available for everyone to play.

"This also includes an exact copy of the Greater Rift they completed with that character. Enemies, pylons, and the dungeons you encounter will all be exactly as they appeared when the original player completed their run. If you beat the original runner’s time, you’ll be rewarded with a weekly satchel filled with bounty and crafting materials and some Blood Shards."

As you might have guessed from the above description, Challenge Rifts will also allow users to play characters of different classes and/or builds without having to make a new character from scratch. Once patch 2.6.0 is live, a new Challenge Rift will be cycled in every Monday. Sadly, as of this writing, patch 2.6.0 doesn’t yet have a solid release date. You can watch a video preview of the Challenge Rifts feature below.