Boss Key Studios reveals LawBreakers post-launch content plans

Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Studios recently launched its new futuristic shooter title LawBreakers, and now the studio has offered up a preview of how it will support the game over the coming months.

According to this recent tweet from Boss Key, LawBreakers players can expect the following content releases starting this month and carrying on throughout the fourth fiscal quarter of 2017:

  • Two new maps: Gateway and Namsan
  • A new feature called Skirmishes
  • Ranked “Boss League” battles
  • A new character class
  • New Stash Drop items

All of the above content will be free, though Boss Key did also put up a disclaimer saying that the above content additions are subject to change. A more in-depth preview of the new post-launch content will be held later this week. LawBreakers is available now for both PC and PlayStation 4.