Darkest Dungeon is coming to iPad in late August

Red Hook Studios has announced that its hit horror/RPG title Darkest Dungeon will be available on iPad before the month of August is over.

According to this recently posted update on the Darkest Dungeon website, the game will officially be coming to iPad on August 24 following its original release on PC and PlayStation 4. The iPad edition is naturally being optimized for touch-based controls and will include all the content from the original release, making the iPad version an ideal game for players who want tons of hours of content to enjoy on the go.

Even better, Red Hook also confirmed that, by exporting a save file using the file storage program Dropbox, those who already own Darkest Dungeon for PC/Mac/Linux can actually transfer their save over to the iPad version and pick up right where they left off. In short, whether you’re a seasoned dungeon delver or a greenie taking their foray into the game’s grim world, the iPad version of Darkest Dungeon sounds like it will be one of the best ways to play Red Hook’s interactive masterpiece.