Darkest Dungeon is getting a Nintendo Switch Port

Red Hook Studios has announced that its hit horror/fantasy RPG game Darkest Dungeon will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, though it hasn’t said exactly when.

A pseudo-announcement of sorts was made over at the official Darkest Dungeon Twitter account in which a gameplay ship showed Darkest Dungeon running on the Switch while the console was in handheld mode. As of the time of this writing, no additional information is known about the Nintendo Switch port of the game, though one could assume that, given how polished Darkest Dungeon already looks in the Twitter clip, a release date isn’t too far off.

Darkest Dungeon is already available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, with cross-play support available between the two latter versions. Of course, the Nintendo Switch port will be able to utilize both console and mobile play formats without the need for a cross-play system, something which might prove to be a superior benefit over what’s available on Sony’s consoles.