Destiny 2’s next expansion could take players back to Mars

Recently, a description for Destiny 2’s second expansion was leaked onto the PlayStation Store and quickly removed, but not before fast-acting Redditors managed to screen-cap it and share it with the rest of the game’s fan community.

According to the leak, the expansion is called ‘God of Mars’ and involves travelling back to the massive red planet to help free the Warmind Rasputin from the clutches of a hostile Warmind called Charlemagne. Supposedly the expansion will add in the usual bits like new weapons, armor, Strikes, and cosmetic items alongside larger additions like a new enemy faction called Charlemagne’s Remnants and, of course, the ability to venture to new locations on Mars for the first in the sequel (Mars was one of the original locations featured in the first Destiny).

Sadly, since the leak originally appeared on Reddit, evidence has come up suggesting that it’s all fake. We won’t know for sure either way unless Bungie and/or Activision comments on the matter, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high just yet. The good news is that Destiny 2 players won’t have long to wait to know for sure since the second expansion, whatever it is, is due to be released in March.