The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Week event begins today

Bethesda has announced it is launching a Free Play Week event for The Elder Scrolls Online which allows any interested player to hop in and try the game out for free.

According to a press release from Bethesda, the event begins today, April 11, and lasts until next Tuesday, April 18. While the event is active anyone can create an account and play the full Elder Scrolls Online experience, and they’ll even receive 500 free Crowns (the game’s premium currency) which they can spend in the Crown Store on various cosmetic items and boosts. Both the base Elder Scrolls Online edition and the Gold edition which includes four different DLC packs will be on sale during the event and those who decide to buy the game will retain any progress they made during the Free Play Week.

The Free Play Week event is available on all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam). The Elder Scrolls Online will get its next major expansion, Morrowind, on June 6.