Hearthstone gets new story elements courtesy of its musical Gamescom trailer

While Blizzard’s popular digital CCG Hearthstone is technically set within the same world as its Warcraft franchise, Blizzard has never really bothered to expand upon the meta-fiction that surrounds the game’s central premise of slinging cards that feature iconic Warcraft heroes, spells, weapons, creatures and more. However, all that has changed with Hearthstone’s latest trailer, a bombastic musical affair that feels in many ways like it came straight out of a Disney movie.

The above trailer, which is title ‘Hearth and Home,’ introduces viewers to a series of new original characters, all of whom share one common interest: a love for Hearthstone. The trailer’s protagonist, a young girl named Ava, is guided to the iconic Hearthstone tavern by a helpful mouse named Sarge, and it is there that she meets friendly faces like the boisterous innkeeper Harth Stonebrew and the kindly old mage Malto. Even if you’re not a dedicated Hearthstone player, the trailer is definitely worth a watch if only because of its high production value and catchy song lyrics.

Blizzard has also confirmed that, while Ava and her friends won’t make any direct appearances in Hearthstone proper (at least for now), more animated shorts featuring the new cast of characters will be released over the coming months, confirming that Blizzard is taking a similar approach as the animated shorts for Overwatch.