Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Soul Stone and final roster members unveiled

With the coming of Gamescom, we now have a chance to see the final build of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite before the retail version. It’s looking good!

 The drab colors have been redone to be brighter and more colorful, reminiscent of a comic book. The mechanics seem completely refined. Chun-Li’s face no longer looks like one of those creepy demon dolls from a B-grade horror movie.

But I know what you are here for: roster reveals and Infinity Stones. And of course the Gamescom build gave us a taste of both, so let’s take a look.

The Soul Stone

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s last Infinity Stone is, in my opinion, the coolest. It’s another straightforward stone that is incredibly powerful if used right.

Its Infinity Surge is an incredibly long range whip attack. It’s a normal that is far longer range than most normals in the game, with the exception of Ghost Rider, who we will go into later. This attack also has a special property in that it steals life from the opponent and heals you. This healing is not limited by your character’s red life, making it an effective tool for keeping both characters in the match as long as possible.

That being said, this attack isn’t necessarily going to be used for its healing properties. Instead, it will likely be used as a long range poking tool, to keep the enemy out while slowly chipping down their health and restoring yours. Expect the Soul Stone’s Infinity Surge to be very useful for zoners or characters with disjointed hit-boxes.

The Soul Stone’s Infinity Storm is what makes me pick this stone as my favorite. First of all, if you use it when your partner is dead, they will come back to life with approximately 20 percent health. Since you need a living partner in order to use defensive abilities, such as the combo breaking defensive active switch, this stone effectively gives you access to more of your toolset for longer.

But even more than that, this stone’s Infinity Storm is a throwback to Marvel vs. Capcom 1. When activated, both characters will come on screen at the same time, allowing you to control both characters at once. This is insane. Not only will this allow for absolutely absurd mix-ups and cross-ups, it will also allow you to do an incredible amount of chip damage. Unlike the tag team combination of Marvel vs. Capcom 1, you don’t get infinite meter when using this stone, making it slightly less effective. However, this is certainly one stone that you can probably just mash buttons with and get an effective result.

There is a drawback, however. Using this stone forces your partner in, and while this happens your partner is basically defenseless. If you aren’t also guarding at the same time you are at a huge risk of getting put into a “happy birthday” situation where both of your characters are hit at once. This can devastate your team, so expect a lot of casual players to get killed while using the Soul Stone, while pros are able to fill the screen with attacks.

The Final Roster Additions

With the final additions of Firebrand, Ghost Rider, and Dormammu, the MVCI roster is complete. Many fans are still upset that we didn’t get to see any X-Men or Fantastic Four characters in the roster, and others are upset that so many older characters are reused. However, the Gamescom build shows that many of these old dogs have learned new tricks.

Ghost Rider’s major problem in UMVC3 was his slow speed and inability to cover parts of the screen that projectile characters could. This has been addressed in two ways. First of all, he has been massively sped up. His chain whip normals are now much faster. You can also active switch in the middle of any of his long range grabs, allowing you to set up incredibly damaging combos at range. Finally, he appears to have been given some sort of rapid chain whip attack that covers a huge portion of the screen. It ends with a close range punch, making it unsafe to throw out randomly but good as a combo ender.

Firebrand’s biggest asset was his unblockable setups in UMVC3. Unfortunately, it appears as if he has lost these setups, but has gained a whole lot more. He has a new level three command grab super, as well as a whirwind attack which he can use for zoning. He still appears to have access to his Luminous Body and Chaos Tide installs however, allowing him to increase his speed and summon a helper clone. Together with the active switch system, Firebrand will very easily fill the screen with projectiles.

Finally, we have Dormammu, and for the most part his normals and specials appear to be untouched. What has received an overhaul, however, is his spell system. We have seen many new spells, including a creeping vines attack. He also appears to have some sort of magnetizing close range slash which might be a grab. Dormammu can make good use of the many Infinity Stones in the game to keep the screen filled with projectiles. He is still a zoner at heart, but with the active switch system his fantastic projectiles can make way for much more aggressive partners.

That’s all the MVCI info we have for you today. We are now less than a month from release. Check back as we wrap up the last few tidbits of unrevealed info, and be on the lookout for our full review.