Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's story looks vastly improved in new trailer

At E3 this year, Capcom made a “story demo” for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite available for download and…well, it wasn’t very good. We wrote a whole article about how bad it was, in fact. The plot had absolutely no substance and the dialogue sounded like a ten-year-old was doing the voice overs while slamming his action figures together. The story of Ultron Sigma taking over both worlds was, frankly, boring.

Since them, Capcom has taken a lot of focus off the story mode and put it on gameplay, which is really what the game needed. The general fanbase has been angry at the lack of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, and the roster, in-general, has fallen flat on its face. However, the new Infinity Stone system, the active switch tag system, the new ways to spend meter and create mix-up opportunities, all of it adds up to a very fun game to play. Play… but not watch.

A new and improved story

Fast forward to Capcom's reveal of their new “full story trailer,” which gave us a deeper look into MVCI’s plot. Color me impressed, the story looks good again. Capcom withheld many of their story details until just now, and it’s these details that are making the fanbase interested again.

First, it appears as if Ultron Sigma isn’t the only villain in the picture. Rather, several different villainous factions are hatching independent schemes. Jedah appears to be a major player. He appears to be attempting to bring about the rise of the Darkstalkers underworld by weaponizing the venom symbiote. This, of course, points toward Venom’s eventual inclusion in the game’s roster, as well as the inclusion of Dormammu and Ghost Rider, both of which were shown off in the trailer.

Thanos, who we saw before, appears to be another player. Imprisoned by Ultron Sigma, he is eventually rescued by the forces of Marvel and Capcom put together. However, his rescue puts the heroes at odds with each other. Captain America believes that everyone deserves a second chance as well as believing that Thanos may be their only hope in obtaining the Infinity Stones before Ultron Sigma does. Tony Stark, Rocket Racoon, and Gamora believe that Thanos is too evil to be trusted and that setting him free will bring about disaster. This puts Cap and Iron Man up against each other in a Civil War-style plot, which seems to be another major portion of the narrative.

We also see a lot of other split second scenes that introduce new characters. M.O.D.O.K. is shown to be on the side of the villains, while Dr. Light, or more specifically Dr. Light’s hologram, is advising the new Avengers. We even get to see the Hulk throw Ryu, Fastball Special style. (I’m sure Wolverine fans are very salty right now.)

Granted, there are still some issuess. The voice acting isn’t great and some characters have some really wonky looking models. But in general this new story is sounding less like some kid’s deranged fanfiction and more like professionally writte fanfiction.

Maybe it will be able to compete with Injustice 2’s story mode after all.