Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid launches in early September

Operation Blood Orchid, the next major content update for Rainbow Six Siege, will officially arrive on September 5, and Ubisoft has shared everything that will be included in the update.

The highlights of Blood Orchid are undoubtedly the three new playable operators and new map. They are as follows:


  • Ying: an Attacker class operator hailing from Hong Kong
  • Lesion: a Defender class operator who also calls Hong Kong home
  • Ela: a Defender class operator from Poland


  • Theme Park: an abandoned amusement park located in Hong Kong

Ela is the first of two Polish operators who is being added to the game despite Ubisoft’s cancellation of a planned Poland-themed content update (the second Polish operator will be included in a future update). As you can see in the extensive update notes for Operation Blood Orchid, the update will also include bug fixes, lighting improvements, new weapon skins, and more.