Rocket League Switch has exclusive Nintendo cars

We didn't need much more of an excuse to buy Rocket League for Nintendo Switch - they had us as 'mobile Rocket League' - but the addition of exclusive cars certainly doesn't hurt.

As you'd expect for the Nintendo tie-in, Mario and Luigi get their own special rides, although we're not entirely taken with the dungaree-esque liveries of the MarioNSR and LuigiNSR. Each to their own, though.

The Metroid Samus' Gunship car, on the other hand, is quite something. Expect to see a lot of these when you fire up the game later this year.

Obviously these cars have their own unique boost trails too. Mario and Luigi get star trails, while Samus' Gunship has a wave beam. And naturally the Mario and Luigi cars get hats.

The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League is due out later this year and will even include cross-platform play with Xbox One and Steam, although not with PS4, as well as a local wireless network mode. We can't wait.