Silent Hill composer would love to see a new entry in the series

Esteemed Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka played an integral part in building up the legacy of the Silent Hill horror game franchise since he supplied the series with much of its hauntingly unique music. Recently, Yamaoka said that he’d love to see the Silent Hill series get a new entry, though he couldn’t say for sure whether it will ever actually happen.

Speaking with PC Gamer at Gamescom, Yamaoka reflected on his time with the Silent Hill series and also confirmed that, even though he isn’t sure if a new entry in the franchise will ever be made, he would happily sign on if such ever became the case:

"I can't really say if there will be another Silent Hill or not. I'm happy that fans of the series around the world are still asking us questions about it. Personally, of course, I'd love this to happen, but I obviously couldn't say for sure ."

Yamaoka even commented on the infamous cancellation of Silent Hills, a game that was being developed by Hideo Kojima which sadly wound up being a casualty of Kojima’s tumultuous split from Konami:

"It's hard to say, everyone was really sad about that, so I kind of followed the mood of everybody else. Since everyone was saying: it's a shame, it's too bad—maybe it is a shame and it is too bad."

For now, Yamaoka is keeping himself busy by working with other gaming studios like Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacturer and World of Tanks developer