Skyrim and Gothic come together in a new fan-made mod

These days, developer Piranha Bytes is best known as the studio behind the Risen franchise and the recently launched sci-fi/fantasy RPG Elex, but way back in 2001, the studio released a lesser-known yet lovingly crafted RPG called Gothic which soon garnered a cult following and a series of sequels. Now, one group of dedicated fans and modders has come together to show just how much it cherishes the Gothic franchise by making an in-depth total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The mod, which is titled Gothic Orpheus, allows Skyrim players to venture to the kingdom of Myrtana (the setting of the Gothic games), more specifically the prison colony island of Khorinis (the location where the first two Gothic games take place). Rather than rehash the plot of the original Gothic games, Gothic Orpheus actually tells its own original story and features 32 different quests, 52 custom items (including armor and weapons from the different Gothic games), and gameplay tweaks which allow players to complete certain quests in different ways.

Those who own the base version of Skyrim for PC can download the Gothic Orpheus mod here, while those who own Skyrim: Special Edition should download this version instead. The Gothic Orpheus campaign can be started by venturing to a new portal that appears near the town of Helgen once the mod is installed.