5 things I want to see from Sony at E3 2017

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as it’s more commonly known) is only a week away, and one of the most exciting elements of each year’s E3 conference is seeing all the new upcoming games that get announced. Sony no doubt has a slew of upcoming titles it will be unveiling for the PlayStation 4, and here are five different potential games I’d love to see make an appearance during Sony’s big press conference on Monday.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

Developer Guerrilla Games proved with its recent open-world epic Horizon Zero Dawn that it had much more to offer PlayStation fans than just the Killzone series. However, since the game's successful release this past February, Guerrilla has been pretty quiet. Here’s hoping that the prolonged silence means Guerrilla is toiling away on some new DLC for the game, and that said DLC will be given its own showcase when Sony takes the stage at E3.

A New Spyro Game (Not Skylanders, thanks)

The loveable purple dragon Spyro has been an iconic part of the PlayStation brand ever since the days of the original PlayStation console, but lately Spyro has been relegated to the role of a minor character in Activision’s Skylanders series. I think it’s about time Spyro was once again able to stretch his wings and take to the skies in his own solo title, sans all that extra Skylanders fluff.

And can you imagine the crowd reaction if the hypothetical E3 reveal was more than a teaser, but featured actual PS4 Spyro gameplay? With Sony sitting comfortably on top of this console generation and Crash Bandicoot having just made a triumphant return of his own, the time is right to drive the audience wild with a big Spyro rebirth. 

The Last of Us Part II gameplay

Speaking of gameplay footage I’d like to see at E3, you can definitely put Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II in that category as well. Naughty Dog blew audiences away when it announced the sequel to its highly lauded post-apocalyptic title The Last of Us during last December’s PlayStation Experience event, but since then we haven’t really heard that much about the game.

I’m guessing there’s a decent number of fans who are hoping that Naughty Dog make an appearance during this year’s E3 to show off what The Last of Us Part II will look like from a gameplay perspective. The first game is most remembered for its groundbreaking story and the power of its characters, but there was a solid survival horror action game underneath the narrative too. Will that experience return for the sequel, or will we see things move in a different direction? We might find out in just a few days. 

Nioh DLC

Nioh’s first DLC expansion, Dragon of the North, was well-received by fans of the base game, mainly because it contained a plethora of quality-of-life improvements in addition to a solid new series of story missions. I’m hoping developer Team Ninja keeps the hype train rolling by unveiling the next DLC expansion at E3, and maybe even allows fans to play it on the showroom floor.

Release windows for the latter two expansions (there will be three in total) haven’t yet been announced, so it’s entirely possible Team Ninja could make a surprise appearance during Sony’s press conference to show off a bit of what’s in store for its Samurai-themed action RPG.

Better, longer PSVR titles 

With news this week that over 1 million PSVR headsets have been sold, it's time for Sony's virtual reality platform to move beyond games that are novelties and VR modes tacked onto larger traditional games. The release Farpoint and the compatible PSVR gun controller is a good start, but VR will have a bigger presence than ever at E3 and PSVR is, by some measures, the most successful consumer VR headset. A few exciting AAA-quality titles on the big E3 stage will go a long way towards expanding PSVR beyond the early adopters who already have it. 

What are you hoping to see from Sony at E3? Let us know in the comments. 

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