Upcoming Street Fighter 5 update will automatically punish rage-quitters

Later this month, Capcom will be deploying a new update for Street Fighter 5 which will, among other things, implement a dedicated anti-rage-quitting system.

Capcom confirmed the upcoming anti-rage-quitting update via a recent tweet, saying it would reveal more details soon. Currently, Street Fighter 5 has a very barebones method for dealing with rage-quitters. Players are required to send in video evidence of their encounters with a rage-quitter, and only the worst offenders are being punished. Hopefully, the new system which is coming this month will be more streamlined and more automated.

The most recently released update for Street Fighter 5, which came out last month, added the new DLC fighter Alex into the game. Future updates will add in additional DLC fighters, as well as a new form of in-game currency called Zenny which, among other things, will allow players to purchase DLC fighters without having to spend any real money.