Warner Bros remains coy on future Batman Arkham-style games

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham franchise will continue to live on thanks to the upcoming Batman Arkham VR experience, and DC fans will be able to brawl with their favorite characters in next year’s Injustice 2, but does Warner Bros have any plans to give another DC character the Arkham treatment? For now, the studio isn’t giving any definite answers.

In a recent E3 interview with IGN, WB Games president David Haddad couldn’t comment on whether or not any of the studio’s developers are currently working on a new Arkham-esque experience, but he did say that the studio is very happy with how the Arkham series performed and progressed, and that it is planning to continue working closely with DC Comics in the future:

"DC is an enormous priority for our entire company, and we're thrilled that games can really support franchise building at almost the same level as movies and television can."

Haddad also had good news for DC fans who were worried that films such as Batman vs. Superman and the upcoming Suicide Squad would lead to half-assed game tie-ins:

"We get asked that question, 'Are you making movie games?' And that is so far from the way that we approach the business and the industry. Fundamentally, these things have to work as great games and great game franchises."

One thing Haddad could confirm is that both WB Montreal (the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins) and Monolith Productions (the studio behind Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor) are hard at work on their respective next projects. Whether either of these projects winds up being a new Arkham-esque game is something which only time will tell.