Xbox head confirms Microsoft will eventually get its own game streaming service

While Microsoft’s recently launched Xbox Games Pass allows Xbox One owners to download and play a selection of game for a small subscription fee, Xbox head Phil Spencer recently revealed that the company is also planning to develop and launch a game streaming service which won’t be constricted to just the Xbox One console.

A recent Bloomberg profile of Spencer included the following passage tucked in at the very end:

“Microsoft will probably debut a streaming service that doesn’t require a console for some types of content in the next three years, Spencer said. A 2012 trial of such a service inside the company was too costly and never made it to the market, but Microsoft’s progress in Azure cloud services over the past few years is changing the economics and quality level, he said.”

The three-year time window means that those who would be interested in such a service probably shouldn’t expect to hear more about it anytime soon, but it’s still an interesting tidbit to drop, especially with the launch of the Xbox One X right around the corner. Sony has offered a similar service called PlayStation Now since 2014, and this past July it expanded the service to include current-gen PlayStation 4 games in addition to the PlayStation 3 games it launched with.