Xbox publishing head wants to see the Fable franchise make a triumphant return

Fans of the now defunct Lionhead Studios’ Fable RPG franchise likely remember the series’ earlier mainline entries with fondness, even if they never managed to live up to the lofty promises of Lionhead’s passionate leader Peter Molyneux. Sadly, the Fable property’s current owner, Microsoft, hasn’t really done a whole lot of note with the IP as of late, but Xbox’s head of first-party publishing Shannon Loftis hopes that such won’t be the case much longer.

Aside from the cancelled F2P title Fable Legends and the relatively new digital card game Fable Fortune (which was made by an outside studio), Microsoft hasn’t really done anything with the Fable IP, something which has long irked devoted fans who say they want nothing more than a new mainline RPG entry in the series. Fortunately, Loftis recently confirmed in an interview with GameSpot that she feels very much the same way as the fans:

"Fable is very near and dear to my heart. Actually one of the primary reasons was to work with the team on Fable II. Fable Fortune is now out, the card game. We love the IP. I can't talk right now about whether we're doing anything with it or not, but if I ever get the chance to go back to Albion ... "

Loftis couldn’t comment on whether or not Microsoft is currently working on any internal Fable pitches, but given the strong devotion to the franchise both she and many other fans feel, it seems safe to assume that the Fable franchise will one day make a strong return to form, it’s just not clear when exactly that will occur. In the meantime, it looks like Fable fans will have to settle with playing Fable Fortune and the older Fable games.